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Idaho Local Section 055
of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers


Modified 07/30/01


Notice about AIChE Position on Changes to PE License Requirements




AIChE Leaders Oppose

Change in Requirements for

Professional Engineering Exam

Revision seen as unnecessary and onerous burden on

candidates for licensure and their employers.

If you and your employer feel that being a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) can be an important component of an engineer's career, you need to know about an important change that is being implemented. The rules regarding eligibility for the PE exam change in 2012. AIChE's leaders oppose this change.

What's changed?

The change in the Model Law of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying requires a master’s of science degree or its equivalent beginning in 2020. That would be on top of the current requirements that you have graduated from a four year, ABET-accredited engineering program; have four years of work experience; and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering examination. State legislatures and governing boards are being urged to adopt this change by 2012 so it can be implemented in 2020.

Proponents claim that additional credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree are needed to fully prepare tomorrow's engineers for practice. They argue that, as universities reduce the hours required for the BS degree, additional credit hours are needed to properly prepare future engineers.

What are the adverse effects of this change?

The change will likely reduce interest in engineers becoming licensed and possibly drive students into other disciplines. It will increase costs to engineers and their firms and the time that it takes to get licensed. While strongly encouraging chemical engineers to become licensed, AIChE leaders believe that the change is unwarranted, expensive, and won’t provide any increased benefit or protection to the public. For chemical engineers, the BS degree, four years of practice, and passage of the PE exam are sufficient to assure a reasonable level of competence and protect the public.

Several other engineering societies share AIChE's view. In fact AIChE, along with seven other societies, endorsed an American Society of Mechanical Engineers' position paper opposing the change. The Academy of Engineering Companies is also against it. The major proponent of the change is the American Society of Civil Engineers.

What you can do:

Learn the position being taken on the revised model law by your state's licensing board. Make your opinion known to the licensing board and appropriate committees of your state legislature. Also, make your management aware of the change. Finally, if you are a member of other engineering societies, for example, the National Society of Professional Engineers, discuss the issue at local meetings. All PEs need to be aware of the change.

A website has been established for engineers to share information and work together toward maintaining the current educational requirements. To see the position paper and learn more about the model law, go to: www.licensingthatworks.org.


Future issues of AIChExchange and CEP will provide more information on the background, complications, and ramifications of this proposal.


AIChE Staff Contact: Felicia Guglielmi (646-495 1330)

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